Bob Peschel

2021 Inductee
Bob Peschel grew up far from the Badger State, but his love for hockey began in his native New Jersey, where he learned to play on the frozen pond, and where he learned how to become the grinder, a title that he would carry on into his future life.

Judy Ferwerda

2021 Inductee
There can be no discussion about girls hockey and the growth of girls hockey without the subject of Madison native Judy Ferwerda being brought into that discussion.

Cal Roadhouse

2021 Inductee
Cal Roadhouse was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and grew up playing hockey in Calgary.  As a player, he was a member of the Wichita Wind of the Central Hockey League, and then played in the International Hockey League for the Milwaukee Admirals.

Tom Doyle

2021 Inductee
Dr. Tom Doyle was born in Mineral Point, Wis., and raised in the throes of the Depression. Organized hockey and money to pay for it didn’t exist at that time, but Doyle learned to skate and play hockey on the Point Brewery Pond.
  • Al Deming - 2019
Al Deming was born and raised in Guilford, New York.  After graduation from Cornell University in 1972, he moved to Wisconsin.  In 1978, a job change resulted in Deming’s move to Waupun, where he raised his family and began his involvement with youth hockey and the Waupun Hockey Association.

Like many other volunteer adults who had no background in the sport of ice hockey, Deming’s journey down the hockey path began with his children who wanted to play with the program in Waupun.  Always a believer in grass roots hockey, Deming was a member of the Waupun Youth Hockey Board, and served a term as Vice-president, and was then President from 1988-1998.  Under his leadership, the Waupun rink acquired a new dasher board system and a new Zamboni, all of which are still in use.  He and his son Dusty were presented the “Grant Father/Son Award” for the 1998-1999 season for exemplifying spirit, participation and dedication through their combined efforts to promote hockey in Waupun.  He served as the announcer for varsity high school games and Waupun Wolves games for many years.  Deming organized several coach and officiating seminars, as well as helping to host several WAHA State Tournaments and Senior Class Tournaments.
Deming has served continuously as a WAHA Regional Director for Region 5 beginning in 2001.  During that time his duties included serving on the WAHA/Hockey Hall of Fame Scholarship Committee, Vice President of Mites and Peewees, Chairman of the Tier I, Financial, Transitional, Blue Folder and Legal Committees.  Deming was elected President of the Board in 1916.  Deming is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame.  He attended the first two ADM National Coaches Symposiums and helped Guy Gosselin in running and speaking at the first ADM seminars in Wisconsin.
Deming has been a regular attendee at the USA Hockey Annual Congress and Mid-Winter Meeting.  He has been a member of the USA Hockey Youth Council since 2016, and a Tier I and Tier II National Tournament Director in that same time frame.  Deming was elected a USA Hockey Director in 2018 and continues to serve in that capacity.

Deming retired from East Select Sires and lives in Waupun with his wife Betty.  They have six children: Dan, Dusty, Greg, Kathy, Johnny and Nick..  He served World Dairy Expo as a Board member from 2001-2019, as Treasurer from 2012-2016 and as President from 2016-2019.  He has been the Budget Chairman for Immanuel Lutheran Church from 2006 to present.